Donations are's why.

I started this campaign about almost three years ago with one goal in mind: to save cyclists' lives. Recently, we sent out our 2000th jersey. Our objective is to place 1,000,000 of our jerseys or backpacks on the backs of cyclists over the next 5 years. We don't stop to count all the decals that we send with the jerseys and pass out at events along with all the other expenses that are involved in carrying out this work. We're on a mission with a clear focus.

Our campaign to save cyclists' lives around the world is growing daily. In addition to the 16 states with the 3 foot law here in the USA, we have 3 more states introducing legislation. In the United Kingdom we have a healthy discussion taking place on whether to seek 1 meter or 1.5 metres...or both, one for urban riders and one for rural riders. In New Zealand, we have a petition in process seeking a 1.5 metre law. In Austin, Texas, after Texas Governor Perry vetoed a 3 foot bill, the Austin City Council took matters into their own hands and gave Austin cyclists the protection the Governor denied. The cities of Tupelo, Frisco City and Burlington did the same. And we just welcomed Nova Scotia to the network when they adopted a “1 Metre Law”.

It is critical that we help motorists understand that with or without a 3 foot law they need to give cyclists at least 3 feet clearance when passing them from the rear. Of course, more space is always welcomed. But not giving at least 3 feet clearance when passing a cyclist from the rear is dangerous and can have tragic consequences. It’s really very simple, motorists who cannot give at least 3 feet when passing, should wait until they can…that’s the safe thing to do.

Cyclists who buy and wear the "3 Feet Please" jersey tell me more motorists are giving them more space more's working. It’s saving lives and that's what the "3 Feet Please" campaign is all about…saving lives.

Help me continue to reach out to more cities, states, countries and motorists around the world to help them understand the importance of passing cyclists safely. Help me make riding a bicycle even safer for the millions of cyclists who do ride and for the millions who would ride if they felt safer riding a bicycle on our roads. As more people appreciate and enjoy cycling, we improve safety for everyone.

Your donation, your support, your investment will help me continue this important work. We are working to build public awareness and saving lives.

Thank you for your support.

David Waechter